Welcome to The Punch House

The Punch House offers an expert boxing experience for any fitness level. Voted best of the city, our trainers will teach you real boxing techniques along with an intense (Cross-Fit Style) Strength Training routine. Take any class with a boxing instructor or choose a personal trainer. After assessing your fitness levels and skills we will design a program that’s perfect for you helping you reach your fitness goals.

Our program comes complete with nutrition and exercise advice and your always guaranteed to receive quality boxing combinations whit our mitt work in the ring. You will be motivated and with every punch you’ll burn calories while loosing inches on your way to getting ultimate results. Unlimited Class plans and Personal training sessions are available for those who are looking to step up their workouts and take it to the next level.


-Setup a franchise consultation
-Meet our franchise Realtors
-Prepare for huge financial returns
*Own a piece of 4 revenue streams


Our Facility

The Punch House boxing facility is a luxurious version of the modern day boxing studio. The facility is equipped with  state of the art boxing equipment including a regulation size boxing ring, heavy bags, speed bags, treadmills, bikes, and rowing machines. This facility is designed to simulate a boxers authentic workout routine consisting of cutting edge strength, flexibility, and cardio equipment.



  • The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and takes the time to make sure your techniques are correct. They definitely give you a great workout beside 1:1 boxing time

    Amanda S.
  • Don't be apprehensive and shy!! Great way to burn calories and learn great techniques.

    Lindsay B.
  • Good workout, enjoyed it! Will be back

    Joe S.
  • Be ready for a fun and engaging workout!

    Stacey H.
  • They offer excellent start up deals, location is also very professional. I'm very excited to start my training package!

    Nicole C.
  • Fun experience if you have never tried boxing before! Great for beginners. Can borrow their boxing gloves for each class. Definitely will be going back!

    Sarah W.
  • This is a great workout place, the trainers are amazing, and they have lots of times to workout

    Laura M.
  • Be ready for a great work out !! Worth the money

    Niecy G.
  • Great place. Thanks!

    Bryan R.
  • Great staff, great workouts!!

    Melissa R.
  • I didn't know what to expect before going. I was a little nervous having had no prior experience with boxing and being a little out of shape. But, the Punch House offers a non-intimidating environment with friendly staff and helpful trainers that help you learn boxing moves while getting your heart pumping. It was so much fun, I can't wait to go back tomorrow!

    Veronica E.
  • The staff is awesome, the workouts are challenging. The facilities are clean and neat. Definitely a must do for anyone looking for a great workout that is empowering and different.

    Leah P.
  • Great Trainers with team spirit! Fun and a great workout!

    Amy D.
  • I really enjoy the workouts because of the variety.

    Ellyn M.
  • I have only been going for two weeks and I am already addicted. The work outs are never the same and I enjoy the variety. thanks again!

    Kristin R.
  • I've been an athlete for most of my life, and this is definitely the best workout I've had. It's physically demanding if you go 100%, but the trainers and instructors motivate you so that you reach that full potential. amazing. Thank you punch house.

    Nina M.
  • Great workout!

    Elise M.
  • Thanks for always ensuring a great workout! You guys know how to keep it challenging, but "fun"

    Leah F.