• Always a hell of a work out Excellent instruction. And you are pushed. So if your looking for something fun and going to push u. Come here

    Angelius Ellis
  • The Punch House makes me happy! Zachary his the best coach to have in your corner. I haven't had any other coaches. I am sure they are alright.

    Chris Neumann
  • Guys, you won't believe how great these workouts are. They were challenging and so fun! I will definitely go back! I'm hooked on boxing.
    Scott Brooks
  • I cannot say enough about what the Punch House has helped me through mentally over the last couple of months. I have to give credit where credit is due. Everyone has been very supportive of me and patient as well. I have to give mass credit to Chris for supporting me with my love-hate relationship with the tractor tire(and through each class in general…amazingly encouraging and supportive!!! (He manages to work them into every class, I think he knows how much I love and FEAR them….lol)…..KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

    Jessica Longieliere
  • In November of 2015, I found myself recovering from breast cancer surgery and dealing with an impending divorce just as my family was about to pack up and leave Cincinnati for Curitiba, Brazil. I was always very active, and up until November I had been running and lifting weights religiously. By the end of November I had fallen into a deep depression, and fortunately my friend and Punch House athlete, Mari Thomas, was there for me. She physically grabbed my hand and took me to the Punch House. We all know that even when you are at the top of your physical game, a mere two weeks of inactivity can be detrimental to your conditioning. Everyone at the Punch House was extremely welcoming and patient while I got my bearings in the beginning and struggled to get back into shape. I started personal training with boxing and Muay Thai and tried to go to as many group classes as possible. I made going to the Punch House part of my daily routine because it was just as much physical therapy as emotional therapy for me. August 2016 From December until the end of April, when I finally made the move to Brazil, I was never disappointed with my workouts at the Punch House. I actually craved the demanding vomit-effect level and everyone at the Punch House was extremely accomodating! Each trainer brought a special element to my conditioning in the 5 short months I was able to go to the Punch House, and when I left for Brazil, I had recovered not only my physical training, but my self-confidence as well. I’m now training at Anderson Silva’s academy in Curitiba, and thanks to everyone at the Punch House, I can “hold my own” in Muay Thai and boxing. There is no way to compare the mega fitness centers to the Punch House. There simply is no place to hide at the Punch House; you don’t just swipe your card and walk on a treadmill while reading your novel. If you want results, personal attention, motivating and talented trainers, then choose the Punch House! Simple.

    Kat Caithamer Aguiar
    Kat Caithamer Aguiar
  • I trained at The Punch House for 30 days prior to my “vacation” in Colorado, where I hiked up several peaks and scaled a pair of summits over 14,000 feet. These were grueling ascents that took every ounce of my mental and physical fortitude because I had less than a day to acclimate to the elevation prior to beginning the first hike. Without my rigorous training at The Punch House and the relentless encouragement of Danny, Chris, Boom Boom, and other trainers there to dig deep and never quit on myself, I don’t think I could have made it all the way to the summits of those brutal mountains. Thanks to all at The Punch House for helping to make my mountaineering experience a success!

    David Cummings
  • I am writing a testimonial to show my appreciation to The Punch House and especially some key staff members. When I purchased my groupon of 25 classes I did ot know what to expect walking in, after my first class with Chris(Punch House Trainer) I was blown away with the teamwork and commitment that everyone showed with one another. Every single time I am there everyone is very personable and provides amazing service with a smile and home-style warmness. Keena at the front desk is amazing and has worked very well with my schedule on making it flexible and ensuring that I am taken care of each time I come in. Just the fact that she remembers my name and gives me a hello each time I come in goes way above and beyond the status quo of service. I have been working with Adam(Punch House Trainer) for the past month and a half and he is the REAL DEAL!! He works you hard, but also tends to what level of training and skill set you are to ensure that he works with everyone individually to progress them along. He keeps you motivated and throws in great routines and exercises that work exactly what you are looking for. With it being just after independence day I would like to also send out my thanks to him and anyone else for their services for our country. I have 1 on 1 personal training sessions scheduled with Adam and I am looking forward to advancing my skill set and getting my butt kicked at the same time! Thank you again to everyone! This is an amazing organization! Keep it up!!

    Andrew M. Steininger
    Andrew M. Steininger
  • I can’t say enough about the Punch House. Boxing and MMA are and have been things that have always interested me. I used to watch boxing with my Grandfather and then attempt to reenact what I had seen, often to now avail. Like many of those that frequently come to the Punch House, I was a Division 1 athlete in college. I also spent 3 months cycling from The Atlantic to The Pacific a couple of years ago. I’ve put my body through hell over the years and am always looking for the next burn which is difficult to do when training individually. My wife purchased the Punch House Groupon for me in the Winter which was fantastic – an excuse for me to get out of the lame gym we have at our complex. I didn’t know what to expect but I was floored. I found that burn I had been looking for finally. A very big thank you to all of the Punch House staff for their knowledge and excitement in the gym. Getting to the Punch House a couple of times a week helped carry me through the dreary months of Jan uary, February, and March and now I’m ready to go through the Summer. Get to the Punch House, you won’t regret it!!

    Ian Kraut
  • I can’t say enough about The Punch House, so I’ll sum it up in a word – Awesometastic! One work out not too long ago, Danny asked me if I remembered my first day at The Punch House. I was particularly tired when I responded, “Today feels like my first day!” As I walked over to the mat for the abs portion of the work out, I realized that statement was completely false. That day did not feel like my first day at all. I was miles ahead of where I first began when I joined The Punch House. My endurance has increased and I am certainly stronger than before. Not to mention the weight I’ve lost. Even in the ring my skills have improved significantly. So, I was wrong; that day didn’t feel like the first day at all. However, I’m still feeling the challenge of the workouts! Even after almost three months, no two workouts have been the same for me. I love the variety that keeps you on your toes and prevents that plateau effect. As a former Division 1 athlete, it was really important to me to find a challenging, yet fun workout. Check and Check. The Punch House is where it’s at! The trainers are awesome! Thanks to Danny, Max, Rashod, Chris, Boom Boom, & Zach for your sharing your enthusiasm for fitness. You all have definitely motivated me in my journey to stay fit and active. And shout out to all the cool classmates I’ve met as well. You all really help me to push through tough workouts because you all are pushing just the same! It’s a great place to get fit!

    Q’Vaunda Curry
    Q’Vaunda Curry
  • I came to the Punch House a few months back when I saw a Groupon for it. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did! I have been the fitness queen in terms of always trying new workouts, diets, etc. Classes at The Punch House top them all. Every time I go I get an incredible workout with great instructors and fun classmates. Each class is different and I never get bored. I can’t say enough positive things about this place. It simply works…and works fast! I just bought my own gloves and am in it for the long haul. Thanks Danny, Vince, Boom Boom and all the others there who have inspired me each week.

    Kelli Lagemann
    Kelli Lagemann
  • I’ve always thought I was getting a good workout until I came to The Punch House! Now I know what you are supposed to feel like after a workout. Every week is an adventure with my trainer Zach Thomas! He comes up with new and exciting workouts so that I stay motivated to come in. When I walk into the gym on Tuesdays I never know what to expect whether it’s running up hills, doing 200 yard sprints, or doing pad work for several rounds. Every week Zach finds a new way to challenge me and helps me accomplish my fitness goals. Another thing you find at the Punch House is the great sense of community that Danny have set up. It seems that everyone here is invested in making sure you accomplish your goals. Whether it’s Danny and Zach giving nutrition tips, Max teaching me the basics while helping me learn how to jump rope, Boom Boom sparring with me between teaching classes, the pro boxers giving you pointers on how to better your technique, or Zach making sure that I am keeping up on my school work. The trainers at the Punch House have the goal of making you your best. On the days you don’t feel you can be your best they find ways to bring it out. I would highly recommend the Punch House to everyone no matter what your fitness level is because they will make sure that you accomplish your goals.

    Kyle Phelps
  • My 13 year old son and I participated in a night class in which (Punch House Trainer) Robert “Boom Boom” James was instructing. After class, my son engaged Boom Boom in small talk about his wanting private training because he is being picked on at school. The time, conversation, demonstration, and instruction that followed was absolutely priceless to my son’s confidence and self-esteem. Boom Boom connected with and reached my son in a way that I know will stay with him for the rest of his life. The Punch House is extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful staff and trainers like Boom Boom. He is absolutely animated; and his positive attitude, energy, and passion about training and boxing is contagious. Aside from those qualities, and more importantly, Boom Boom has an incredible amount of heart and character. He is the type of man that I hope my son will grow up to be. I will definitely be scheduling my son to have private training sessions with Boom Boom. My son Nikolai and I look forward to spending more time at The Punch House.

    Betty Douglas
    Betty Douglas
  • The Punch House gets results! As a former Cross Country and Track & Field athlete, The Punch House was an excellent supplement for my traditional workout regiment. The boxing, weight burning classes, and personal training have all been an integral part in helping me improve my physical appearance along with my personal health. (The Punch House manager/personal trainer)Max Simon is an outstanding personal trainer. I started his personal training sessions at The Punch House with a very specific set of goals in mind. Max was able to tailor a custom workout plan that helped me not only meet these goals, but exceed them! Whether you want to simply tone up for the beach or change your entire physique, Max and The Punch House personal trainers have you covered. I cannot say enough about this gym!

    Paul Calardo
  • I love The Punch House. I’ve been thinking about joining a boxing gym for at least 10 years, but never knew how to find a good one. When I heard about The Punch House I was so excited that I emailed The Punch House five times in one week. They answered right away and seemed just as excited as I was. In the 3 weeks since I’ve joined, I’ve had a 1 on 1 session and attended the Boxing & MMA classes at least twice a week. All of the trainers are fantastic! (The Punch House Owner)Danny, and (Trainer)Robert (aka Boom Boom) are great motivators, giving personal attention no matter how full a class is… so don’t think you can hide! They somehow manage to kick your butt and make you smile at the same time. I recommend The Punch House to anyone who wants to have fun, get in shape, or just feel bad ass.

    Rachel Taylor
  • I came to see Danny back in April of 2016. I was getting married in October, and I wanted to lose about 20 lbs. Training with D.C. was one of the best decisions I ever made. Danny is the type of guy that supports you and believes in you even when you sometimes don’t. We started out with basic boxing workouts, but soon progressed to more advanced drills and technique as my skills and stamina improved. Sometimes it was just him and I for 1-on-1 sessions, sometimes his classes were packed. I never — not once — ever felt like I didn’t get a good workout or enough attention after an hour with him. After three months I was even in the ring for light sparring sessions. He even had me running up the Straight Street hill! End of story — I lost about 25 lbs. by the time I got married, then subsequently moved to the west coast. I’ve been in San Francisco over a year now, and while I still continue with my boxing workouts, I can honestly say that I’ve never had a trainer as good as Danny Calhoun. Not even close.

    Jason Hecker
    Jason Hecker
  • I sought out a Muay Thai instructor and found Shabree Finger of the Punch House. They have a really well equipped facility in a convenient location. They have a great deals for students and it would be just plain stupid to turn down The Punch House if you have even the vaguest interest in boxing. The training can be tailored to yur individual needs, but you *will* be worked *hard.* You really learn a lot while getting in great shape! I’ve had the opportunity to work privately with Shabree and I’ve never had a more thorough or exhilarating workout. He’s a great guy who’s really fun to work with and a total badass. Seriously, check out his pad and bag work on youtube – good stuff.

    Damian Nelson
  • I had the pleasure of being introduced to the sport of Muay Thai with Shabree Finger as a coach in the Fall of 2010 during MMA for fitness class at The Punch House. Shabree’s professional and patient demeanor, clear instruction, and technical knowledge provided me a great opportunity to learn and really enjoy all aspects of the sport. Shabree has inspired me to continue my training and I look forward to learning all aspects of Muay Thai and working with Shabree Finger in the future.

    Sean Holden
  • I have been working with Danny Calhoun since 2006. When I first went looking for a personal trainer it was to elevate my fitness from being a marathon runner to being a complete athlete. Danny was the perfect person for the job. Over the years my fitness has had many ups and downs including a year long bout with breast cancer. Throughout it all I had one constant and that was working with Danny to the best of my abilities. Danny was always able to give me the right balance of intensity and motivation, while always being cognisant of my condition. I have followed Danny every time his career as a personal trainer has taken him to the next level and location. His new gym The Punch House is by far the best facility he has had and I am blown away by the work he has put into the business, all the while being available to keep me on track with my training. I would encourage anyone–young, old, healthy, less-than-healthy, fit, not fit, to check out this new gym and see what Danny and his awesome staff can do for you. It’s a unique and great way to work out. No corporate gym or other gym in the Cincinnati area could do for me what the Punch House does for me. This is a REAL gym, with REAL people. Ready to help you get what you need physically and mentally in life. A fun, challenging and effective road to health and fitness. Check it out!!

    Mari Thomas
  • Danny has helped to coordinate and develop the FitBOX program at the University of Cincinnati. From the moment his KDIVA course began, where he taught boxing programming without any true boxing equipment, I knew we had something special. Danny has since approached our program with hopes of growing and expanding the offerings, including investing his own equipment to see it to fruition. Danny’s passion for boxing and fitness has lead him to great success, with his classes being highly sought after and 75% of the time sold out. His ideas and dreams have made a lasting impact on the students of the University of Cincinnati and I am grateful for his continued drive to see this project through.

    Ashley Varol
  • After almost 10 years of physical inactivity and weight gain, I hit my breaking point gaining over 12 pounds my first year of graduate school. I tried working out on my own, but fell back into the same inconsistent eating and exercise patterns that always plagued me. I finally hired Danny Calhoun of The Punch House. I barely made it through the warm ups and actually fell down the stairs on the way out of the gym because my legs gave out! I told Danny I cant envision myself enjoying exercise- it would ALWAYS be horrible! Despite my attitude, Danny patiently worked with me each week and encouraged me to push myself to work hard. He introduced me to boxing & I loved the physical & mental challenge of learning boxing skills. It was different than anything I had ever tried! I achieved the impossible, getting fit & learning to love exercise. I lost 30 lbs in just 9 months! I’ve moved away from Cincinnati but I’m still boxing and in the best shape of my life. Without a doubt, I couldnt accomplish my fitness goals without the Punch House Staff. They work miracles!

    Kate Livingston
  • I have never experienced a workout that is so intense and rewarding. The 60 Day Challenge is a great way to kick start your fitness routine and test your body in ways that you cannot imagine. It combines cardio/strength training with boxing technique with a complete nutrition plan. Its a total body workout that shows results in the first couple of weeks. The Punch House is a big gym that offers many classes. The Punch House is a great place to workout and see results!

    Leah Stone
  • After playing college soccer, I was looking for different workouts besides running. I had tried group fitness classes at big-box gyms and would leave feeling like I needed to go do my own workout to feel satisfied. I wanted something that was a good combination of cardio and toning and preferably instructor-led. It was also important to find something where I could get in and out during the busy work week. Then I found The Punch House and it met all of those criteria. The Boxing for Fitness classes were fun, different, and challenging. The instructors helped introduce me to techniques and show me ways to change up the class when I start to plateau. Most importantly, when I’m going to The Punch House I’m getting a good workout.

    Chelsea Kindschuh
  • Danny is a visionary…he’s very talented and knowledgeable in the boxing profession. He has utilized his talent and shared his expertise by opening the Punch House. As a trainer, he is patient and thorough in his instruction. He pushes you to be better and do more than you think you can because he sees the potential you have and wants you to excel. Danny has proved to me that boxing fitness is an excellent workout and I love seeing the results and look forward to training at the Punch House each week!

    Season Olson